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The Bat

Vincent Price


Gary Daniels


Circus of Fear

Dead Crossroads


Vampires Night Orgy

Brain That Wouldn't Die

Legacy of Blood


The Satanic Rites of Dracula

Devil Monster

Battle Beyond the Sun

Dementia 13

Destination Moon

Manos the Hands of Fate

Deep Red

King of the Zombies

Horrors of Spider Island

Daughter of Horror

Night of the Living Dead

Flash Gordon

The Phantom Creeps

666 Park Avenue

Zombie 108

Tron Legacy

The Wicked


Dont Go On The Trail


Apartment 3013

The Little Shop of Horrors

Roger Corman Jack Nicholson

White Zombie

Bela Lugosi

Plan 9 From Outer Space


Invasion of the Bee Girls

Destroy All Planets

Nightmare Castle


Paranormal Activity 4

The Seasoning House

Hotel Transylvania

First Spaceship on Venus

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Day of the Triffads


Debbie Rochon

Carnival of Souls

The ABC's of Death

Black Sabbath

Mario Bava

Castle of Fu Manchu

Cockneys Vs Zombies

House of Whipcord

The Sinister Urge

Ed Wood

Evil Dead 2013

Attack of the Giant Leeches

Bikini Hotel

Julie Strain, Stella Stevens

Lady Frankenstein

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